Discount Policy


It will be up to our (Cockatoo Custom Quilts) discretion to apply any discounts to orders.


A discount can only be applied once per order (gift cards are still valid forms of payment in these cases).

If the same person, business or delivery address makes multiple orders on the same day, only the first order will be granted a discount.


We automatically provide a 5% discount for quilt sets that we create for our sales channels (i.e. website, Facebook, Messenger).


A 5% discount will also be offered to customers who purchase 2 separate quilts in the same order (applies to custom quilts too). The order must be under the same name and be delivered to the same address to qualify.

For orders purchased directly through our sales channels, we will automatically deduct 5% off your order total at the checkout.


A maximum of 10% will be offered to orders of multiple custom quilts.