Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Thank you for visiting and shopping at Cockatoo Custom Quilts (CCQ). We look forward to meeting your needs as you shop for high quality, one-of-a-kind, handmade quilts. The following information answers some frequently asked questions.


What's the difference between the Shop and the Gallery?

Our Shop is where we sell all our pre-made quilts that are ready to post.

These are our BUY NOW options.

Most of these designs can also be used for custom orders (different sizes and colours). If you choose this option, you will need to wait for it to be constructed, just like a made-to-order quilt (see below).


Our Gallery is where we feature our design portfolio. These are not yet made, so a waiting period will apply. 

You can request any of our past designs to be made to your specifications (i.e. size, colour) and we will construct these quilts on a made-to-order basis.


How long will it take to fulfil my order?

  • Pre-made quilts purchased through our Shop will be posted within 3 business days of payment being received in full.
  • Made-to-order quilts selected from our Gallery will take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to create and post.
  • Custom order quilts will take approximately 4 - 6 weeks to create and post.


Please be aware that these timeframes are guides only, as the size, difficulty, quilting and customer response times can all affect the completion of your order.

For more information, please read our Order Timeline Guide.


How long does postage take?

Your order should be delivered by Australia Post during off-peak postage periods within 7 business days, depending on which postage option you select at checkout.


Please allow extra delivery time (i.e. up to 2 weeks) for peak postage periods (e.g. Easter, Christmas, New Years). We will notify customers of postage cut-off dates for these periods on our website's homepage.

For more information, please read our Shipping Policy.


I'm not sure what size I need to order?

Our bed quilts are designed to suit the corresponding bed size, according to standard Australian mattress measurements. If you have a non-standard mattress size (i.e. you have an extra high mattress), you might require a custom quilt size.

For more information about Cockatoo Custom Quilts' standard measurements or our size labels, please refer to our Quilt Sizing Guide

If you are still unsure or have any concerns about fit, please Contact Us.


I like a quilt design, but not the colours.

Most of our product pages include drop box colour options (usually default or custom). Simply select ‘Custom Colours’ and provide your preferred colour scheme in the ‘Special instructions to seller’ box at the checkout.


Alternatively, please visit our Contact Us page or send us an email at Note the quilt name and your preferred colour scheme. 

We will email back with photos of recommended fabrics in the new colour scheme for approval. We make every effort to provide you with the best images possible. However, colours vary from one computer monitor to another.


The new quilt will be made and posted to you once your payment is authorised and verified.


I have a recipient in mind, but I'm just not sure which colours or design to order.

Send us an email and we will provide recommendations.


If you decide to create a custom order, please read our Custom Quilt Guide to understand the process.


What if there is a problem with the final design of my made-to-order or custom quilt?

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. 

We will be emailing you throughout the entire process, so we sincerely hope that this does not happen. Please ensure you communicate every question, big or small, for custom quilts.


If you’re not happy with the finished product, we do not want (or expect) you to buy it.

This quilt will be placed up for sale as a pre-made product in our Shop at the same quoted price (unless it is highly personalised, in which case it can't be sold on). 

For more information, see our Custom Quilt Guide.


Can you separate a set for me so I can purchase 1 of the quilts on its own?


If we have listed the quilts as a set, they must stay a set. They were designed specifically to match, so they must stay together.

No exceptions.


You can request a custom order of the single quilt design you want via our Contact Us page or by emailing us at

If the product listing says a set has a limited release (usually due to fabric availability), we will be unable to recreate to desired quilt exactly. Different fabrics will likely need to be used.


Care instructions

Your quilt will arrive having already been washed. As all our quilts are made by machine, they are fine to put in your washing machine and dryer. We don’t hand wash, so don’t expect you to.


For the first 3 – 5 washes, we suggest that you place 2 colour catchers in with the load to ensure there is no colour transfer. Colour catchers are available at most supermarkets in the laundry isle. If the colour catchers have no colour transfer, they will not be needed for any further washes.


These instructions will be printed and posted with your purchase.


Do you use fabrics other than cotton?

At this point, we are only working with cotton and cotton flannelette fabrics and batting.

Woollen batting is available on request.  We do not use Bamboo batting (due to personal medical conditions).


We won’t accept custom requests to use non-cotton fabrics.


Can I request licensed fabrics (e.g. Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, etc)?


Please note that these fabrics tend to be more expensiveso additional costs may be incurred if they are to be broadly incorporated into your design.


Do you finish other people’s incomplete quilts?

Currently, we are waiting for our new local post office to finish being built, so that we can have a dedicated PO Box for this very purpose.


We hope to begin providing this extra service sometime in August 2021.

We will provide further information about this process on our website when we begin offering this service.


Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes, we do! We sell gift cards in various monetary values (AUD only).

They are valid for 3 years and can be used to purchase pre-made, made-to-order and custom order quilts of any size.

They are digital only and are emailed directly to you. We won’t provide physical cards.


Visit our Gift Card page to purchase.


Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?


You can create an online account with us on our website, just click on the ‘person’ icon in the top right corner of the home page (next to the shopping cart icon).

Alternatively, you can choose to sign up at the checkout.


While our newsletters aren’t likely to have a regular posting schedule, they will include links to new products on our website and notify you of any planned sales. Don’t miss out!


Why are some of the product images poor quality?

These fuzzy photos were likely taken before we had plans to open a small business selling quilts. In the past, I was simply a hobby quilter making gifts for family and friends. Image quality wasn’t my priority then, and they were likely taken with old mobile phone cameras.


Hopefully, my designs speak louder than the photo quality. In future, I hope to take more professional, higher quality photos of my products.


Do you give discounts if I want to buy multiple quilts at the same time?

Yes, we do. It will be up to our discretion to apply any discounts.


For more information, please see our Discount Policy.


Do you donate to any charities?

When I was a hobby quilter, I donated quilts to various charities over the last decade.

These charities included Ronald McDonald House Australia, Cancer Council Australia, MS Council of Australia, Breast Cancer Australia, and the local CFS branch.

We would love to donate to more Australian charities in the future, but don’t have specific plans at this time.


If you work for a charity and would like to contact us about possibly donating, please visit our Contact Us page or email us directly at

You must be able to provide a website and be currently registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Donation applications to private or for-profit entities will not be accepted.


How do I contact Cockatoo Custom Quilts?

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us via our: