This gallery showcases Cockatoo Custom Quilts' past quilts - our portfolio of work.

Each one can be made-to-order and customised to your specifications - size, colours, etc.

Please note that no 2 quilts can be exactly the same. This is because fabrics (like clothing trends) come in and out of fashion, so they are not always available.

Also, licensed fabrics (e.g. Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, etc) are more expensive, so additional costs may be incurred if they are to be incorporated into your order.

Our Alphabet Mats (for babies) can have each letter block (e.g. A, B, C, etc) customised. For example, if you have a family dairy farm, we can put a cow fabric as the C block. We will try our best to source fabrics that match your requests.

We can personalise your quilt even further by incorporating your loved ones' handprints or names into applique designs! Contact us to start your custom order today.